How to apply to canada immigration program

So many people all over the world have a dream to immigrate to Canada for a lot of reasons but a lot of them have no idea how to do that or what the best program to apply to , and if you are one of those people then our topic today is for you . .

What is the permanent residence in Canada and how to get it ?

  • Once a person obtains a Canadian immigrant visa that allows them to reside there permanently , they will enjoy most of the rights and duties that Canadian citizens enjoy . .

The meaning of permanent residence

  • Permanent residency means that a person can reside in Canada indefinitely as long as he has accumulated two years of residency in each 5-year period . .
  • Meaning that every 5 years a person must have resided in Canada for at least two years, otherwise he will lose his residency . .

And after the immigrant resides in Canada for 3 years , he can apply for Canadian citizenship to become a Canadian citizen  .

The beauty of the matter is that Canadian law recognizes dual nationality, so a person does not have to give up the nationality of his country of origin in order to be able to obtain Canadian citizenship . .

The advantages of immigration to Canada

  • The immigration to Canada programs have a lot of advantages , and that advantages include the following things . .

The Canadian government aid

The Canadian government provides financial assistance to those facing a cash crisis or unemployment , and spouses with children are granted financial rewards on a time basis , and a person with permanent residency can also invite (sponsor) family members , brothers and sisters to settle in the country . .

All immigrants to Canada enjoy the same freedom , rights and status as Canadian citizens , an exceptional feature in today's politically turbulent world , If the permanent resident lives in Canada during a period ranging between 4-6 years , they become Canadian citizens . .

studying in Canada

a lot of people chose to immigrate to Canada in order to continue their studies and Starting your Canadian studies online in the fall of 2020 can make you eligible to work in Canada , and it can also improve your chances of obtaining permanent residency under Express Entry , PNP , or any other immigration programs . .

Federal Skilled Workers :

  • One of the other famous immigrate programs in canada is the one for the skilled workers , so if you are a skilled person your chances are big to to immigrate to Canada but you will need several requirements too . .
  • The requirements for the Skilled Worker category are aimed at assessing candidates from several aspects to ensure that they are able to become permanent residents of Canada . . .
  • In order for a person to qualify for immigration within this category , he must fulfill the following conditions . .

Have at least one year of continuous full-time work experience or the equivalent in the past ten years in one of the 38 eligible occupations , or Be legally present in Canada as a temporary foreign worker or international student for at least one year ; or

To have a permanent full-time job offer from a Canadian employer . .

In addition, there are 3 other characteristics that a person must possess in order to qualify for immigration within the skilled worker category . .

A Minimum level of work experience :

A worker wishing to immigrate to Canada 2020 must have at least one year of continuous work full-time or the equivalent part-time . .

The Child benefits

One of the benefits of immigration to canada is the child benefits , so if you are an immigrant and succeed in one of the Canada immigration programs Each child you have will receive a child tax benefit up to a maximum of $ 400 per month based on your annual income from the government, until the child turns 18, plus each child will receive $ 100 per month regardless of your income for 6 years , When a job is lost, the resident receives unemployment benefits of up to $ 2000 per month . .

How much Immigration to Canada costs . . and How much money and points you will need to immigrate to this country ?

Reaching the required points rate :

  • One of the most important conditions required in the immigration program to Canada within the skilled worker category is the achievement of the required point average . .
  • Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) uses a points-based system to measure an applicant's potential to immigrate to Canada . .

Applicants are awarded these points based on several different selection factors . .

An individual must reach 67 points in this assessment in order to qualify for immigration to Canada . .

However, even if an individual reaches these points, he does not guarantee immigration because Canadian immigration officers may use their discretion to approve or reject an application to build an alternative evaluation case . .

In general we will explain the method for calculating points in the Federal Skilled Worker Immigration Program . .

The Age points ?

  • Under 18 years ⇐ 0 points .
  • 18 to 35 years 12 points, the highest .
  • 36 years 11 points .
  • 37 years 10 points .
  • 38 years 9 points .
  • 39 years ⇐ 8 points .
  • 40 years 7 points .
  • 41 years ⇐ 6 points .
  • 42 years old ⇐ 5 points .
  • 43 years 4 points .
  • 44 years old ⇐ 3 points .
  • 45 years ⇐ 2 points .
  • 46 years ⇐ 1 point .
  • More than 47,0 points .

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